About Beloved     Beloved Enterprises is a love-centric group of companies founded in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, by Liimu McGill. The company is an ambitious enterprise, literally setting out to heal the world, one heart at a time.


The roots of Beloved go back to 1999 when Ms. McGill founded her first company, LSM Consulting which provides documentation and training services to the pharmaceutical industry. LSM’s steady growth over the years has had as much to do with Liimu’s caring attitude toward clients as it does the excellent service her team provides.

About Liimu McGill     Liimu McGill has spent the last thirty years learning how to love and support herself, her community and selflessly serving others. Her guiding philosophy is that the best way to encourage those you love to follow their dreams is by following your own. Liimu has been a successful entrepreneur and public speaker for more than twenty years. She graduated from Rutgers University with honors in 1995 and has done post-graduate work at Temple University. Liimu currently lives in Florida with her beloved husband and children.