Our Companies 


LSM Consulting     LSM Consulting provides expertise and knowledge in the areas of documentation and training for the pharmaceutical industry and other highly regulated environments. We work directly with clients, helping them to avoid costly costs associated with larger agency support.


The New Leaf Group     The New Leaf Group consults for organizations, and the people who work them. We help our clients to evolve and grow in organizational health and effectiveness by empowering them with tools to impact their perception within the organization and their overall work experience, by teaching them to unite in a shared team goal that supports their overall well-being as a team, as well as that of the larger organization.


MomStar      MomStar is an organization designed to encourage women to face and shed their fears while living the life they’ve always dreamed of. Our highest aspiration is to support mothers in shedding the limiting beliefs that keep them from living their most inspired lives and their ability to become the best versions of themselves possible.  We believe this is the greatest gift we can give to our children – leading the way for them to have the courage to live a life of courage, passion, truth and authenticity.